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Metal Pricing Policy

Aluminium copper and zinc (brass alloy) are precious metals and are traded daily on world markets. Badger wire ensures all metal financial transactions are based upon the London Metal Exchange (LME) market rates using the LME Monthly average rates in Australian Dollar (AUD) currency.

Due to the continual movement in world metal prices , the delivered prices for finished goods may vary from the time between the time of .quotation and the time of order placement. All customers are requested that they confirm any quotations at the day of order.

It is our policy that once a firm purchase order is received by Badger wire, we will hold the metal price as fixed and it will be held for the delivery of that order.

Conversely, a firm booking from a customer means that the customer is obligated to purchase the metal at the agreed quoted price regardless of subsequent movements in market metal prices.

Invoice Quantity Policy

All wire is sold and invoiced on weight in kilograms (kg).

Orders for specific lengths, although supplied in requested lengths will be invoiced on weight. Badger Wire invoice values are final.

Over/ Under Supply Policy

Completed orders are supplied with an allowable weight tolerance of 0% / + 3% by weight per order item.

Only invoiced weights outside of this tolerance will be considered by Badger Wire as being under or oversupplied.

Product Quality and Liability Policy

i.        The seller is not a consultant to the buyer and apart from warranting the standard and quality of the order to international standards is not liable for any consequential loss arising out of use of the product for any particular purpose and is not liable to anyone other than the buyer.

ii.        The seller is not liable for any damage or deterioration of the product after delivery to the buyer at the port nominated on the order and is not liable to anyone other.

iii.        Liability for breach of warranty is limited to replacement of the product or refund of the purchase price less the determined value of the defective goods.

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