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Badger Wire is a wholly Australian owned and operated manufacturing plant producing Aluminium, Brass, Copper and Engineering wire in specialty lot sizes and quantities.

Specalised run sizes and packaging.
We pride ourselves on our ability to custom make your  order to meet your specialised run sizes and packaging.

High Purity Metal.
Our wire is made from high purity metal made to exacting specifications and drawn to tempers suitable for further cold forming, drawing, coating or use as is. Typically supplied in coil form or on custom spools we are able to provide tempers ranging from annealed (soft) to hard drawn, surface pickling and winding onto  customers own spools.

Proven track record.
Established in the 1940's by the Badger family, the original factory located at Auburn, Sydney continues to meet high levels of quality and customer service to meet your specific customer needs.

Our committed management team in place has maintained the same high level reputation that has been established over the last 70 years in the non ferrous wire industry.

New Products.
Recently we have introduced

  • Double annealed 'Super Soft' Hank coils for electroplaters.
  • A range of coloured aluminum wire for craft and hobby use.

Variety of usages.
Badger wire products are used throughout Australia in a variety of industries which include;

  • Cold Heading and Repetition Engineers Eg; Fasteners
  • Escomatic wire for cold machine components
  • Electrical components manufacture
  • Electroplating and Anodising wire
  • Tie Wires
  • Metal Spraying consumables
  • Craft, Jewellery and hobby applications
  • General hardware applications
  • Bonsai wire
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